2025 HSA Limits Announced

Hi everyone! A quick update for those who are HSA fans, or potential-budding-future HSA  fans. The IRS has recently announced the increased contribution limits and deductible and out-of-pocket limits for 2025. You’ll find them listed below with some notes.

2025 Max Contributions

  • 2025 Individual Max Contribution – $4300 (increase of $150 from 2024)
  • 2025 Family Max Contribution – $8550 (increase of $250 from 2024)

2025 HSA Eligible Plans – Minimum Deductibles

  • $1650 Minimum Individual Deductible (increase of $50 from 2024)
  • $3300 Minimum Family Deductible (increase of $100 from 2024)

2025 HSA Eligible Plans – Max Out-of-Pocket Limits

  • $8300 Max Out-of-Pocket for an Individual (increase of $250 from 2024)
  • $16600 Max Out-of-Pocket for a Family (Individual plus 1 or more add’l enrollees). Increase of $500 from 2024.

Catch Up Contribution for individuals 55 or older

  • Remains the same at $1000. This amount has not changed in a long while. I don’t understand why, given the inflation we have experienced. A thousand dollars today will not go as far as it did 5 years ago.

What we are seeing above from the IRS/Federal Government is pretty much on par with the adjustments we were seeing pre-COVID. There were a few years that we got some bigger jumps but it looks like they are back to the basic $100-$200 increases per year that were common before the pandemic.

Hope this information is helpful! We are big proponents of HSA-eligible medical plans and HSA’s themselves, WHEN they make sense. They are not a fit for everyone, but they are another arrow in the quiver when trying to fight the constantly increasing costs of healthcare and health insurance that our country continues to face year after year.

If we can help answer any questions on HSA’s or you would like to learn more about any other types of benefit programs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to help and believe in education first.


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