Complimentary HR Support
Can Lighten Your Workload While Protecting You and Your Business

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Have you ever wished you had an in-house HR manager? Someone to help you onboard employees, inform you of legal changes, or employee coaching. As a client of Holloway Benefits Concepts, you get just that and at no additional cost to you.

Being a smaller company ourselves, we understand that you have a lot of hats to wear as business owners. You may be the top salesperson, operations manager, janitor, and head window washer. And while you may love having your hands in all things related to your business and find it hard to let some things go (we all struggle with that), there are simply some things that are just not productive for a business owner or their senior people to be dealing with.

Small business owners wear many hats — sales, marketing, operations, human resources, payroll, and the list goes on. While there’s nothing quite like leading the team, several roles distract from your core business activities. This is where we can help.

As a client of HBC, we offer complimentary HR and benefits administration support via our own HR & benefits administrator, Farah Pittser. Farah has a master’s degree in human resources and a Professional of Human Resources Certification with the HR Certification Institute. As an experienced professional, her primary focus is making sure our clients have the resources they need to compete with larger organizations. Ultimately, this also means streamlining the onboarding process for employees, explaining benefits in an easily understandable way, and just being there for the employees when they need us.

Since our clients often don’t have an in-house HR department, Farah also helps take some of the burdens off their shoulders in several ways:

  • Process eligibility (adds, terminations, qualifying life events)
  • Assist with questions regarding COBRA (most recently ARPA)
  • Assist with employee handbooks
  • General research and communication regarding upcoming legal changes
  • Coach employers on recruitment, onboarding, performance issues, and terminations

“These tasks can easily take hours away from our clients and their business and cost thousands of dollars if done incorrectly. We want to enable our clients to focus on what matters most — their services, products, services, and customers,” said Farah.

Leveraging our resources and deep expertise helps contain HR costs, minimize risk, and ease the administrative burden of HR activities.

This is just another way Holloway Benefit Concepts is helping their clients focus on their business, while we focus on the benefits.

Contact us today if you have questions concerning your current HR support or would like Farah’s assistance with some of your internal HR programs

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