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To say these are trying times would be an understatement. The current Coronavirus pandemic is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. Some have even likened this crisis to the challenge facing the world during WWII. It can be easy to absorb the daily news of worsening cases and increased mortality rate and feel a sense of helplessness.

The good news is there are organizations all over America coming together to help fight this battle!

As an organization whose value system revolves around being “A Human Agency”, something we live and breath every day in service to our clients, we wanted to make mention of just a few things we are doing here at H|BC to join the fight, to be a resource, and connect with helping our community.

The following are strategies we’re implementing to try and help the neighbors and the communities we serve to fight the Coronavirus pandemic:

No-Cost Discount Benefit Cards

We are making available “no-cost” discount benefit cards to anyone who has been laid off, lost coverage for whatever reason, or just never had current coverage but now realizes that this might be something helpful.

These cards feature built-in networks, so there are discounts available for doctor visits, surgical centers, pharmacy, dental, vision, lab & imaging tests, among other services.  These also provide a $45 per consult access to 24/7 doctors over the phone. In my opinion, right now, the most important services here are Telemedicine visits and pharmacy discounts.

*To Request Cards:

  1. Send an email to
  2. Provide your name and e-mail
  3. Include the number of cards you would like
  4. Include the mailing address where cards should be sent

*Please note, there is a limit of one card per household to maximize availability.

BUSINESS OWNERS – If you need cards for your employees, please provide a single mailing address, a point of contact name for us to send cards to and the number of cards you need. This is not a program we’ve offered publicly before, so to be completely transparent, we are not sure what demand will look like.  Currently, we have a little over 500 cards to distribute.

If we run out, we will order more.  This is more than likely going to turn into an ongoing program for our company and a way where we can give back to those in need in and around our community, regardless of the situation.


Telemedicine Access

We’ve partnered with an up and coming Telemedicine provider to offer businesses limited 90-day Telemedicine contracts for their employees. This is something that has not been done before. The strategy behind this is:

(1) to get employees near immediate access to providers over the phone, especially those who don’t have coverage or who have lost coverage and

(2) to help relieve pressure for doctors / urgent care facilities and not necessarily burden the current healthcare system, whose resources will be badly stretched in the coming days and weeks as the virus spreads and cases spike. Our team here at H|BC have discussed direct contracts with Telemedicine providers for a long time, for those unfamiliar, here are the highlights:

  • $0 consultations for employees and their family members.
  • One set price per employee, regardless of # of people in the family (unlike traditional insurance).
  • 24/7 availability, 365-days-a-year with coverage available in every state.  No need to go sit in a waiting room and catch something you don’t already have. 
  • Optional virtual behavioral health visits (counseling) can be added.
  • For small businesses with less than 100 employees, the cost is $8.40 per household per month for the base telemedicine offering OR $13.80 per household per month for the telemedicine plus the behavioral health offering.
  • Employer-provided benefit, there’s no cost for employees, it just needs to be offered consistently amount employee population(s).
  • One of the (if not the) most affordable benefit items you can provide to your employee base that they will actually use (and love).

We do need to mention, for these 90-day contacts, the company does have to pay for the entire contract at the time of setup.  Given the short nature of the contract, it just doesn’t make sense to do monthly billing.  If your business has an interest in this offering, please email us at, use “Short-Term Telemedicine” in the subject line, and we will set up a time to discuss.

An Updated Covid-19 Benefits Resource

We have an ongoing, living blog where we are updating relevant items from our industry health insurance providers as well as relevant state and federal resources regularly.  This blog is being updated several times per week.  For a consolidated, one-stop resource to Coronavirus pandemic resources feel free to CLICK HERE.

Thank you all.  We are going to continue to collaborate both internally and externally to help provide solutions and assistance in this very unique time in our country’s history.  Please do not hesitate to reach out if there’s anything at all we can do to help!

We will get through this Coronavirus pandemic, emerging stronger than ever.



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