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Another busy month is behind us, and now low and behold, school is out, traffic has improved a tiny bit, and it’s summertime. We hope you and your staff can take some time this summer to enjoy yourself with friends and family. As we all know, we’ll blink once, and it will be time for school to start again.

This month we wanted to talk about one of our newer technology offerings that we are providing to all of our small business clients who want it as a value add. Mineral, (fka ThinkHR), is a pretty robust online HR services platform that allows you to create handbooks, schedule and monitor employee-required training sessions, consult at no cost with HR professionals on labor and HR issues, and so much more. I don’t like using the word free because nothing is free, but we are providing this to clients at no cost as we pay for the subscription on our side. Most of our clients don’t have an HR dept, much less a dedicated benefits professional, so this is just another way for us to help our clients out in addition to the dedicated points of contact we have here on staff. 

We’re also speaking a bit about our international health plans that we have been offering for many years since travel is getting hectic. A ton of people travel, but most people don’t know that once they leave the country, their domestic health insurance plan, in most cases, is pretty worthless. 

From a purely educational standpoint, we are doing a high-level revisit on life insurance and what a great, affordable employee benefits it is. We are also resharing our HSA blog with an updated link to a video for those that might have missed that when it was pushed out on social media.

 Thank you all for reading our newsletters and watching our videos. If there’s anything at all, we can help with on anything benefits or HR related, please let me know. We’re here to help. Thank you!

Semper Fi,


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