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We hope everyone is staying nice and cool in this Texas heat and if you’re not in it and are somewhere further North where it’s much cooler, be thankful. It’s not great. 

We’re excited this month to share some news about a new Telemedicine / Virtual Medicine Partnership we have with First Stop Health. We have created a blog about the new partnership and even created a video starring…ME 😃

We are also providing some insights on common things we see in the benefits space that we hope will help as you strategize and plan your future years’ rollouts. We have created an article (with another video starring yours truly!) that discusses why it’s NOT a good idea to do the bare minimum regarding your benefit contributions. 

So much as happened in the benefits space since we opened our doors in 2011 that we have created a two-part series where we share six common mistakes made when employers start a program for the first time. Many of the things we discuss in this article (and next month in part two) can apply whether you are offering benefits for the first time OR if you’re many renewal years in. If you know of someone thinking about taking that step and starting their own business, we would LOVE it if you would share this newsletter. Typically once someone starts up, benefits aren’t too far behind, especially if they are looking to hire, so this info could greatly help them. 

As always, thanks so much for reading (and watching) along. Next month, we will have some exciting new website updates (new headshots, employee video, and Q&As) that we’ll be sharing, in addition to the two-part of the six common mistakes article (and video). Be safe out there, everyone, and enjoy this last full month of summer before school starts back up. 

Semper Fi,


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