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Hi Everyone!

We hope you are all doing well. In this month’s newsletter, we will be embarking on a few new things that we’ve wanted to do for a while, one of which will be an occasional vendor spotlight. Yes, it’s benefits, it’s not ALL that exciting, but from time to time, we do have some companies that we partner with who are doing some pretty cool things that nobody else is doing from a benefits standpoint. Or sometimes we even have some vendors that are simply going above and beyond, so when that happens, we want to start sharing some of the good, positive information a little more. This month’s spotlight article will discuss Beam Dental and some of the VERY different things they are doing compared to the rest of the dental benefits world. Like everything, it’s probably not a fit for everyone, but we find it exciting in our nerdy little insurance brains when someone does something extremely different and separates themselves from the rest of the pack. Lots of dinosaurs in this industry that simply just don’t ever change a thing because they are fat and happy and don’t want to take the time to do any R&D and try anything new.

Other articles we’re posting discuss our philosophy around service and what we feel makes us unique in this space and an article that discusses being an agent vs. a consultant. That’s just some good general info and one we are writing primarily for our blog but wanted to share it as well as there are some huge differences there that most people probably know, just haven’t ever thought about before.

Last but certainly not least is an article we penned about the ten most common benefits we see and some notes and thoughts on each of them. Contrary to popular belief, these aren’t all-ins. related, but they cover the gamut as far as what we see most commonly with our clients that we partner with. We also want to start pushing more of these bulleted lists as articles tend to provide some really good info in a short, succinct manner.

As always, anything we can help with or clarify for you at all, please let us know. Thanks so much for your partnership!


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