Julie Sears
Vice President – Quality RV Solutions

“I was drowning already by the time I met Ryan and his team. I needed an expert in the group benefits field. He rescued us from the deep end, and that is the whole point of why we do business with Holloway Benefit Concepts.”

Jeff Morton
President – US Rack Distributors

“As a small entity, and not having an HR department, Ryan and his team were instrumental in helping navigate the changes we experienced. The amount of money HBC can save in the time to do what’s required with group benefits is invaluable to our business.”

Tom Currier
CEO – Rackmount Solutions

“Ryan and Holloway Benefit Concepts solved a real business problem for us. I don’t think other group benefits agencies who would have thought outside the box the way Ryan did. I wish my experience with all my vendors were like the experience I have with HBC.”

Ross Paterson
Founder – XM Performance

“We want to take care of our employees because then they’ll take great care of our customers. If we’re not doing that well, then we can’t expect the best. Offering group benefits is key to that approach. I love that HBC is focused on the small and medium sized business. We’re not an afterthought or empathy play, and it shows in everything they do for us.”

Monica Lira Bravo
Owner – Lira Bravo Law

When someone asks me for a recommendation, I’m confident in referring them to Holloway Benefit Concepts, not only because of my positive experience but because they have a focus on helping small businesses.

Keith Taylor
Controller – Rackmount Solutions

“By trade I’m an accountant, but we’re a small company and I end up with the HR role and I’m not an HR expert. Group benefits problems are solved with a simple phone call. As an agency, it feels like they’re part of our team. Holloway Benefit Concepts takes a complex process and makes it easy. “

Hannah Wells
Executive Director – XM Performance

“We determined that if we really wanted to grow this team, adding group benefits was going to be important for employee retention. Holloway Benefit Concepts helped us by being the knowledge base we needed. They made the whole process simple and seamless.”

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