Add Powerful Incentives for Employees By Working with a Group Health Insurance Consultant in Fort Worth, TX

The Dallas-Fort Worth area has many small businesses; in fact, almost all of its businesses are small businesses. According to the U.S. Census Bureau data, over 97% of all businesses in the greater Fort Worth area are small businesses. That means that most employers in the Fort Worth area are also small businesses and likely struggling to attract new employees like the rest of the nation.

One great way to make your business stand out from others is by offering comprehensive health insurance plans or adding health insurance to your benefits package if you have not yet expanded your business to include plans. However, sorting through health insurance policies and reading the fine print is not something most business owners have time for, which is why it is often worthwhile to hire a group health insurance consultant in Fort Worth, Texas. Holloway Benefit Concepts is here to simplify providing health insurance benefits by handling the selection and management of all policies for their clients.

Attract Employees and Improve Productivity with Group Health Benefits

Many employees, especially those approaching middle age, search for jobs carefully and analyze health insurance benefit packages before accepting a job. Therefore, offering the right health insurance plan can make or break the employees you attract. In addition, healthy employees are productive employees as they will statistically take fewer sick days and be able to focus on their work instead of uncomfortable or painful medical conditions. Invest in your employees, and you invest in your company.

Holloway Benefit Concepts helps Fort Worth, TX business owners do just that by offering them a variety of plans to choose from, including self-funded, fully insured, and association plan options. We also sit down and talk about advantages to each if you want to be involved in the decision or manage the policy and take care of all of the details for business owners who simply want to check health insurance management off their to-do list. Our clients can be as involved or not involved as they like, which many find freeing.

What Our Clients Say

“I was drowning already by the time I met Ryan and his team. I needed an expert in the group benefits field. He rescued us from the deep end, and that is the whole point of why we do business with Holloway Benefit Concepts.”

Julie Sears Vice President – Quality RV Solutions

“As a small entity, and not having an HR department, Ryan and his team were instrumental in helping navigate the changes we experienced. The amount of money HBC can save in the time to do what’s required with group benefits is invaluable to our business.”

Jeff Morton President – US Rack Distributors

“Ryan and Holloway Benefit Concepts solved a real business problem for us. I don’t think other group benefits agencies who would have thought outside the box the way Ryan did. I wish my experience with all my vendors were like the experience I have with HBC.”

Tom Currier CEO – Rackmount Solutions

“We want to take care of our employees because then they’ll take great care of our customers. If we’re not doing that well, then we can’t expect the best. Offering group benefits is key to that approach. I love that HBC is focused on the small and medium sized business. We’re not an afterthought or empathy play, and it shows in everything they do for us.”

Ross Paterson Founder – XM Performance

“When someone asks me for a recommendation, I’m confident in referring them to Holloway Benefit Concepts, not only because of my positive experience but because they have a focus on helping small businesses.“

Monica Lira Bravo Owner – Lira Bravo Law

Group Health Insurance Consultant in Fort Worth, TX Offers Full Benefits Management

One thing that sets Holloway Benefit Concepts apart from other small business insurance providers across the state is that our business model includes the daily management of plans. Most other agents or insurance brokers charge for management services, but we roll it into the total cost of your consultancy because we know that SMBs have more important tasks to focus on.

The only exception to this rule is you want absolutely no role in managing your health insurance, at which point we do have a modest fee attached to the hand-off. Otherwise, we offer management as a free tool that our clients appreciate.

Add powerful incentives for employees by working with a group health insurance consultant in fort worth, texas

What Makes a Health Consultant Different Than a Health Insurance Agent?

There are a lot of terms used interchangeably to describe people who sell health insurance, and it can get confusing for a small business owner who simply needs a company to help them manage their benefits. All agents, consultants, brokers, etc., are licensed by the state of Texas, but they don’t all provide the same services. A captive agent, for example, works with one company and can only sell you their products. On the other hand, an independent agent works with various insurance companies and can offer the best fit for each individual solution.

Holloway Benefit Concepts takes the process one step further by offering our clients a wide variety of potential solutions, advising them on the best insurance solution, working with tech and compliance companies for proprietary services, and managing group health insurance policies as needed.

Contact us to learn more about our small business solutions if you need a group health insurance consultant in Fort Worth, Addison & Richardson TX.

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