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Dallas is the home of thousands of small and medium-sized businesses and welcomes innovative entrepreneurs, which is likely why 80% of all businesses in Dallas are SMBs. That means there are a lot of companies hiring workers across the city, but it also means that there are a lot of business owners who are tasked with figuring out health insurance for their employees.

If you own a business in Dallas, you are responsible for providing your employees with health insurance, but this can be a confusing prospect for new business owners and those without a thorough understanding of what they are required to do.

Hiring a health insurance agency in Dallas, TX, can help. HBC is one of the most trusted advisors in finding health insurance agencies in Dallas, TX, and a favorite among SMB owners who need help sourcing robust health insurance plans to attract top talent to their business.

Why Hire HBC as Your Health Insurance Agency in Dallas, TX?

If you have never hired a health insurance agency in Dallas, TX, you might not understand the value of having an agency on your side. To attract the best talent, you need to have the most substantial benefits package in your niche. We can help you develop a competitive health insurance package that is very competitive and appropriate for the needs of your SMB.

Benefits Management

There are a lot of health insurance agencies that charge companies extra to manage their benefits packages, but we don’t. We consider benefits management a part of health insurance management and provide day-to-day support as part of our primary service package. HBC will gladly handle all administrative tasks and any questions that arise along the way. If you ever have a question about your company’s health insurance plan, contact us, and we will find the answer.

Support International Business Travel

As the world becomes more hyperconnected, international business trips are becoming the norm instead of the exception. If you frequently send your executive board or even employees to represent your business internationally, then it may be wise to think about adding an international health plan to your company benefits package. As a health insurance agency in Dallas, TX, we can help via a complete, short-term, or medical evacuation benefit plan.

Retain Top Talent in Dallas, TX with Superb Employee Benefits

Right now, they’re more open job positions than there are active job seekers. That means you need to get competitive to lure potential employees towards your SMB. Salary alone is no longer enough for modern workers; they want substantial insurance benefits as compensation for their talent.

Therefore, if you want to attract the best in Dallas, TX, you must offer premium insurance benefit packages. HBC can help by providing comprehensive insurance plans covering life insurance, health insurance, dental, and disability. We offer comprehensive insurance solutions, so you don’t have to worry about impressing your employees.

As a bonus, happy and healthy employees are more productive, which means investing in health insurance is an investment in productivity for your SMB.

Reduce Red-Tape Issues with a Health Insurance Agency in Dallas, TX

Health insurance benefits are fraught with issues for SMB’s in Dallas. The introduction of the Affordable Care Act further complicated what was already a tricky landscape for business owners who aren’t familiar with health law in America. You need to focus on your business and let HBC handle the paperwork.

What Our Clients Say

“I was drowning already by the time I met Ryan and his team. I needed an expert in the group benefits field. He rescued us from the deep end, and that is the whole point of why we do business with Holloway Benefit Concepts.”

Julie Sears Vice President – Quality RV Solutions

“As a small entity, and not having an HR department, Ryan and his team were instrumental in helping navigate the changes we experienced. The amount of money HBC can save in the time to do what’s required with group benefits is invaluable to our business.”

Jeff Morton President – US Rack Distributors

“Ryan and Holloway Benefit Concepts solved a real business problem for us. I don’t think other group benefits agencies who would have thought outside the box the way Ryan did. I wish my experience with all my vendors were like the experience I have with HBC.”

Tom Currier CEO – Rackmount Solutions

“We want to take care of our employees because then they’ll take great care of our customers. If we’re not doing that well, then we can’t expect the best. Offering group benefits is key to that approach. I love that HBC is focused on the small and medium sized business. We’re not an afterthought or empathy play, and it shows in everything they do for us.”

Ross Paterson Founder – XM Performance

“When someone asks me for a recommendation, I’m confident in referring them to Holloway Benefit Concepts, not only because of my positive experience but because they have a focus on helping small businesses.“

Monica Lira Bravo Owner – Lira Bravo Law

Our Mission

Holloway Benefit Concepts exists to be a benefits agency with humanity.

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