Is Your Organization Spending in All the Wrong Places?

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You May Be Surprised To Learn The Real Reasons Employees Are Leaving Their Jobs

Almost 20 million Americans quit their jobs since last spring.  This mass exodus left many employers confused about how they lost their employees.  Here’s a hint: It’s not the money.  Our friends at Action Strategies reveal the surprising reasons your people are leaving and how you can retain and hire smarter in 2022.

The article explores:

  1. How employee turnover negatively affects the company’s bottom line.
  2. If money is not the reason employees leave, and neither are the benefits, what is the cause.
  3. How can you most effectively focus your company’s spending on attraction and retention.

Click here to read Julie’s full article and find out how your organization can better spend the resources they have and feel more empowered to attract the right candidates while retaining the talent you already have.

HBC initially met Julie / Action Strategies through the Goldman Sachs small business program as Julie was the main facilitator in our cohort.  Since then, HBC has partnered with Julie on several internal team-building workshops, most of which start with some DiSC personality work.  If you would like to speak to Julie or would like an intro, please let us know.  We’re always more than happy to make intros between good people!


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