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Holloway Benefit Concepts is a licensed group health insurance agent in Dallas TX. We specialize in providing high-quality, customizable insurance solutions to small businesses.

Since 2011, we’ve been helping companies attract and retain top-tier talent through a wide range of SMB insurance solutions and programs. According to many studies, the two employment factors that employees report valuing the most are salary and benefits. We can help you make your company more profitable by showing that you value the people who work for you.

SMB Insurance Services We Provide

At Holloway Benefit Concepts, our personal motto has always been to put our clients first. We also understand that every small business has different needs, budgets, and priorities. That’s why we offer all major medical insurance categories: Health, Vision, Dental, Life Insurance Policies, and Disability.

We also provide services in the following areas.

International Employee Health Insurance

We provide international health insurance that covers your employees while they’re traveling abroad for business. Most medical plans aren’t up to the complexities of covering an injury or medical emergency abroad. Purchasing international coverage for your traveling employees will give them the peace of mind they need to perform at their best on important business trips.

Licensed local group health insurance agent in dallas tx

Executive Incentive Package

Our executive incentive benefits package can help you provide an extra layer of support in keeping your key employees happy–and therefore keeping them around.

And in the event of the death or disability of one of your covered employees, you can use individual life and disability products to inject capital into your business while you search for a replacement employee, and also to provide financial protection for your deceased employee’s family.

Compliance & Wellness

If the IRS were to audit your business, would you be able to definitively prove to them that your systems are properly set up, that your employees get proper hiring and termination notifications, and the many other administrative duties you’re responsible for as a small business owner?

As a agent, we can help make sure your answer is “yes”.

We also offer custom-tailored wellness programs to aid your employees in improving their health and happiness both at work and in their personal lives. Stress management is often cited by employees as an area in which their employers could do more to help them.

Many of our clients have told us that their decision to invest in a wellness program has enabled them to create a fun, creative, and productive work environment.

What Sets Us Apart

Holloway Benefit Concepts was founded by Ryan Holloway, who spent 8 years in the U.S. Marine Corps before working in a number of different insurance roles and companies.

Eventually, though, he realized that in order to truly meet the unique insurance needs of small businesses, he had to be willing to embrace creative and novel approaches that went beyond how other companies were doing business.

Holloway Benefit Concepts is a client-centered company, from top to bottom. From our initial client evaluations to our product offerings and custom-tailored programs, we strive to put you first and serve you and your employees to the best of our ability.

Our corporate mission statement is simple: Holloway Benefit Concepts exists to be a benefits company with humanity.

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A robust benefits program can help you stand out from your competitors and attract top talent for long-range business success. Investing in your employees motivates them to invest in you and your company, and boosts overall productivity.

If you’d like to speak, contact us today. We can help assess and address your unique insurance needs as a business owner.

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