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Taking a step to further serve, in an effort for positive change.

Hi all, many of you probably have no idea what NAHU or the more recent change to the name NABIP is but it’s an organization I’ve been involved in for some time.  It is essentially an associationof professionals in the benefits industry that advocates for positive changes to legislation at the local, state, and federal levels.

I have been a member of the Fort Worth Chapter of NABIP for some time and this past June was asked to join the local board of NABIP.  I have always been interested in legislation and they needed help with the legislative / PAC side, so I agreed and here’s my thinking.

Most legislators at the State level, which in my opinion is where you have the most opportunity for positive change, are regular people like you and I.  Many are business owners, a lot are lawyers, from their representative areas.  The opportunity here is that you can actually get to know these people and build relationships and have meaningful conversations.  Most of them do not understand all of the nuances of our industry, I mean, let’s be honest, most people in general don’t understand this industry or the benefits world period.  By gathering good honest people in our industry and urging them to get involved with their legislators and educating them on ways to better improve the benefits space is a win for all.  


NABIP’s focus is the consumer, just as the legislator’s focus should be their constituents.   This is why I strongly believe change at the State level is our biggest opportunity.  Most of the legislators at the State level are there because they want to make positive change for their communities.  A State legislator is NOT making much money at all, and this is not a career.  The Federal side is very different so that’s not my focus.  Politicians at the Federal level are a different breed.  It is my hope that in getting involved with the Association and legislators at the local / State level, where I am learning more specific to legislation AND getting to know key players at the State level more, we can help usher in more positive changes for the citizens of the State of Texas.  A good portion of small groups and individuals are covered under fully insured programs.  These programs have to follow to the tee all of the rules set forth by the Texas Dept of Insurance, and it’s this Dept that our legislators oversee, so you can see my logic here.

I am excited to be a part of this board and my brain is going to be a sponge here for a while.  I have not been involved with the association at the board level before and have not been involved at the legislative level before either so I’m very excited about all the learning opportunities and the opportunities for new relationships.

Our Chapter actually meets in Grand Prairie for in person meetings most months.  Several times a year we do have educational meetings with speakers from different insurance providers and sometimes even our lobbyists.  If any of the above interests you in the slightest, please let me know I can keep you posted on any learning opportunities that are employer focused as they come about over the course of the next year.

Here’s to a good first year on the board over at NABIP Fort Worth.  I sincerely hope my involvement can help bring about more positive changes for Texans and all policy holders that are covered under Texas based insurance programs.

Thanks for the read!!



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