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Here we grow again!

Team1As many have experienced throughout the last few years, it’s been tough finding good people in the marketplace.  Ever since COVID and all the work from home sagas that we went through the employee market has really changed.  We made it through several years but late last year it caught up to us and took us a little by surprise.  As we’ve all seen, we had some junior people come in, get a few months of experience on their belt, and then headed out to corporate gigs where yes, admittedly they were probably going to make a bit more money, but they were also going to get treated as numbers, not people.  Everyone in small business has been there, that’s why most of us went out and started our own businesses or joined other small businesses so that we could get away from all the corporate nonsense and politics.

So fast forward from last December to this June, and after many interviews we’ve finally found a solid person to fill our benefits administrator role here in the office.  Patty Dunne joined us in mid-June, and she really hit the ground running.  She has a good amount of experience in the HR and benefits administration arenas.  Her background was a perfect fit for what we needed and she, like most of us, was a little burned out by corporate America so she was looking for a place to call home where it was more of a team / family environment.   A huge pre-requisite, Rowdy and Evie had to approve, and they surely do!  We’re extremely happy Patty is here and are already feeling the impact of her presence, so we’re really looking forward to her continued training throughout the course of the year.

PattyPatty’s primarily job role is helping clients with the benefits administration but second to that she is additional support for our account managers, so auditing, document sourcing, bugging vendors 😊, etc.   If you haven’t spoken with Patty already, I am sure you will soon.  She’ll be sending out the monthly eligibility reminders as well as helping our account managers Sam and Megan with their pre-renewal work, so she’ll be chiming in on those as needed as well.

Here’s a link to our Team page where you can learn a bit more about Patty and below are a few pics from a recent photo shoot we did over in Blues Alley in Deep Ellum. Please join us in welcoming Patty to the team!!!

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