President’s Message

Hi everyone,

Another month has come and gone, but thankfully we’re all here and plugging away. Here is an overview of some of the articles we’re pushing out this month:

  1. We’ve got a new HR service/platform that is going online as of 10/1 for any / all interested clients. This is through Mineral (formerly ThinkHR), and we’re really excited about that. Especially Farah.
  2. A quick article on vision insurance. I like talking about things in this space that are often overlooked and seen as unimportant. Vision plans have a few moving parts, that if tweaked, can significantly increase the value of this type of program for the policyholder. We talk about a few of those items in our article.
  3. In anticipation of the new year, we’ve put together an article with five bullet points that discuss some different things you can look at to potentially help improve/enhance your offerings. Some minor tweaks, some major, but overall some ideas on things that you could possibly look at, most of which would strengthen the investment your company is making into the benefits arena.
  4. And last but not least, we have a refresher article that talks about the different insurance markets available for small and mid-sized companies. To this day, it still surprises us when we meet a company for the first time, and they have no idea there are more options available for health insurance than just plain old vanilla fully insured plans.

We hope 2021 is wrapping up nicely for everyone. With October around the corner and November here before we know it, we’re starting to get into the holiday season. We have the fair starting this week (H|BC fair day is Tuesday the 28th this year ), and things will start cooling off temperature-wise but getting busy for many in the benefits space as we get closer to the new year. Thank you all for your partnership and trust.

We look forward to what 2022 has ahead for us and supporting you and your organization through the holiday season and beyond. Please let us know if there’s anything benefits or HR-related that we can potentially help with.

Semper Fi,


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