President’s Message

Hi All,

Another summer month has come and gone as students begin to return to school across Texas. Definitely a short summer, but hopefully, the new school year will lead to everything getting back to normal sooner vs. later. Many of you already know a lot of what we are discussing in our articles for this month, but I know how it is. We all get stuck in our day-to-day and sometimes don’t even take a break to come up for some air, so just some reminders on some of our personal value adds and what really makes us different than most players in this space.

We’re hoping that you’ll learn a little something or be reminded of something that we could possibly be helping with. My background is in service dating back to when I served in the Marine Corps right out of high school. I then went into the HR and Benefits space, initially helping employees on the HR side and then later employees AND employers on the agency side of the business. Service has and will always be a very important aspect of the business for me personally, and that is exactly why we are structured the way we are. As always, if there’s anything we can do to help you or any of your counterparts, please let us know. We’re all here to help!

Also, in this month’s newsletter we have a first. We have a guest blog written by our good friend Julie Chance, Founder of Action Strategies By Design. I initially met Julie through the Goldman Sachs Small Business program as she was the main instructor and class guide for our cohort back in 2019. Since, we’ve kept in touch with her and done some growth work with her here in the office. Julie is an expert in leadership effectiveness and always has some really good insights on what is going on in the HR / hiring world as she works with many employers and is deeply involved with Dallas HR so we’re excited to be able to share some of her insights / knowledge with everyone.


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