Engage Your Employees!

When deciding what benefits mix makes sense for both your company and your employees, make your employees a part of the process! Engage them in a survey that will allow them to provide feedback on the types of benefits most important to them. The gap between what you think is important to your employee group and what they actually feel is important when it comes to group benefits might be significant. By engaging your employees and bringing them into the fold, you’re also solidifying their feelings of working for a company that cares about them, which can have a significant impact on employee retention.

We’ve put together a basic survey that will help you get started asking some of the right questions of your employee group. This is by no means a one-size-fits-all solution, but rather a resources that will get you pointed in the right direction. There a number of different delivery methods to get the survey in the hands of your employees as well. If you’d like a more in depth consultation on engaging your employees, give us a call!

Download your free survey template here!

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