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Not sure if you need to provide benefits? You need a group health insurance agency in Dallas, TX who specializes in small business benefits.

Small business benefits don’t have to be complicated. There are basic offerings you need to have to be competitive, but in this competitive market, if you are a business of up to 50 employees, there are some benefits required by law. Others are simply options to meet the needs of today’s employees. Knowing what you need to include as standard employee benefits vs what is optional allows you to create the best small benefits package for your employees. You need a small business group insurance company who specializes in this area to help you navigate the legal versus the competitive.

Are you looking for the best benefits programs for your small business insurance in Dallas TX? Holloway Benefit Concepts (H|BC) was founded in 2011 by Marine Corps veteran Ryan Holloway to focus on giving small to mid-sized businesses more options and opportunities to offer benefits packages to employees.

Our creative and strategic approach to insurance benefits was developed due to the fact that not every business fits within the traditional benefits mold that large agencies often push. We look for small business benefits that are unique to your size, state, demographic, and industry. Our knowledge covers health care, vision programs, association health plans, and others that will give you the best fit in terms of cost and offering.

What Small Business Benefits Are Required?

There are several employee benefits noted by the SBA (Small Business Administration) most employers typically must provide:

  • Unemployment Insurance: Texas employers pay state and federal unemployment insurance taxes if specific labor requirements are met. You’ll need to be registered with the Texas Workforce Commission if you’re required to pay the state unemployment insurance taxes.
  • Family and Medical Leave (FMLA): Private companies with 50 or more employees are required to provide FMLA benefits to protect their jobs if the employee needs to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave for specific medical or family situations over a 12-month period.
  • Matching Social Security Taxes: Taxes withheld from employees paychecks fund benefits like retirement, disability, and Medicare. Your small business is required to match the pay at the same rate of Social Security taxes as each employee.
  • Workers’ Compensation: You will most likely need to enroll in either a commercial, state, or self-insured workers’ compensation insurance policy. Texas regulates its own workers’ compensation laws, but some businesses may be exempt from certain types of coverage. Check with your state to confirm your requirements.
Small business group health insurance company in dallas tx

Additional Benefits and How to Qualify

For full-time employees (30+ hours per week) there are several small business insurance benefits you can qualify for and which we can help. Many of the leading health insurance providers have agreements with H|BC so that both business owners and employees can find a plan that is the best fit for their unique situation. Some of the wide range of services we provide include: 

  • Basic employee benefits like health, disability, dental, vision, and life insurance. We also help with HSA/FSA/HRAs and telemedicine.
  • International health insurance packages that include regular and short-term health insurance, along with emergency evacuation benefits.
  • Executive Incentive Benefits for keeping high-ranking employees within the company healthy and productive.
  • Wellness programs that serve as enhancements to regular health insurance while promoting education and engagement throughout the workplace.

We also provide complimentary HR support and software packages that can help onboard new and existing employees to keep you in compliance and ease the burden of bringing new employees on board. Completing insurance paperwork can be a complex and confusing process, especially for newer or smaller organizations that are still trying to figure out their HR processes. These services are included with the benefits package rates. We also offer an additional layer of convenience by permitting clients the ability to go entirely paperless.

If you’re looking for a health insurance broker for small business, contact Holloway Benefit Concepts at 214-329-0097 or request a free benefits analysis from our team. 

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