Streamline Your HR Tasks With Mineral’s Powerful Platform


Continuing with our monthly vendor spotlights, we wanted to take an opportunity to talk about one of our newer exclusive offerings, Mineral, formerly known as ThinkHR.

Mineral is a very powerful HR & Compliance tool that is only available to employers from their brokers or other vendors. What does this mean? Our approach with this tool is to pay the subscription and then offer it to any/all of our clients who want it and see value in it.

Working in the space that we do, which is mainly the small and mid-sized business market, most of our clients either do not have any (or minimal) HR staff but are wearing lots of hats or are a single person HR department. This can be overwhelming and taxing, so we decided in 2021 that we would provide this valuable resource to our clients.

You might be familiar with Mineral as they were formerly known as ThinkHR. They rebranded not too long ago and changed their name. As mentioned above, users get access to several different tools and modules through their platform. Here are some of the most popular ones that are available:

  1. Handbook generator tool
  2. Online employee training classes
  3. Federal and state law compliance libraries
  4. HR & Compliance guides
  5. Auto notifications for law changes for multi-state employers
  6. Access to certified HR professionals for challenging labor/employee questions

Not only are we providing access to Mineral to all of our clients, but we are also users ourselves. This powerful platform gives employers a single platform to develop and or research everything related to HR. It even provides access to certified HR professionals that can help out when you have challenging issues.

We’re very proud to be able to provide this resource to our clients as it is another simple way we are trying to empower those who have entrusted us as partners to be as efficient and competitive as possible in their day to day businesses and the ongoing war for talent that we are all facing.

If you are one of our business partners and have not yet signed up for access, please reach out to us and let us know who you would like to have assigned as your company’s primary point of contact. To get started and to get a welcome email sent with user ID and login info, we just need your point person’s name, email, phone # and job title.

Thanks so much for your partnership with H|BC!


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