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The Holloway Benefit Concepts team utilizes a handful of technology solutions for our clients based on their needs. Here are some examples of the most commonly used platforms we bring to the table for our clients.


We use FormFire exclusively for their underwriting and health risk analysis tools. FormFire can digitally capture health risk assessments for numerous vendors in one fell swoop. This allows us / our clients to price out as many self-funded or level-funded health ins companies as necessary while only having employees complete one set of questions in a secure digital environment—no more paper.


Ease is the system we use to build clients’ online enrollment platforms when they want to get out of the paper or pdf world. In this system, we can digitize everything from onboarding to benefits enrollment. The system is highly flexible and can even serve as a communication tool for our clients or us as we work through open enrollment, send out benefits notices, and more – Again, no more paper.


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Mineral (fka ThinkHR)

Most of our clients are like us – smaller, specialty operators who do what they do well but without a huge corporate office. Without these resources, most clients don’t have in-house HR or benefits specialists – Usually, just one person or a few people at the top wear a TON of hats. Mineral helps fill that void.

  • Need a handbook and have multi-state employees? No problem.
  • Need to look up employment laws in a new state you’re considering expanding into? No problem.
  • Need an online training module where you can track employees’ training and progress? No problem.
  • Access certified HR professionals who can help with sticky labor or employment issues.


Mineral does all of these things and a lot more.

Mineral is available at no cost to the client. We pay for this platform and service as another way of saying thank you for your partnership.

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These are the three most common pieces of software we use across the board, but our staff is familiar and regularly engages with multiple HR and payroll platforms for various clients based on their needs and workflows.

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