Unique Benefits Builtfor Small Businesses

Increase Employee Retention, and Be Attractive to New Hires.

As wages remain fairly stagnant in the post-Great Recession US Economy, more & more potential hires are taking benefits into consideration as a differentiator. If you’re not offering employee benefits, you’re falling behind. By partnering with Holloway Benefit Concepts, we can customize a unique-to-you benefits package tailored to small-to-medium sized business needs.

Don’t let the ACA be the reason you miss out on great new hires.

H|BC is here to go to bat for small businesses every day.

Don’t Believe the Big-Box Myth.

What big-box insurance providers don’t tell you is that you have more options than just their cookie-cutter packages. By employing unique options, like self-funded benefits plans, we can enable you to provide your valued employees with the benefits they deserve, in a way that doesn’t break the bank. Most small-to-medium size businesses have healthy populations, and by taking that into consideration (which is another thing big-boxes won’t do) we can affordably offer:

  • Medical Insurance
  • Dental Plans
  • Vision Plans
  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance

About Ryan Holloway

Ryan is the founder and president of Holloway Benefits Concepts and is a US Marine Corp Veteran. After serving over 8 years on active duty, Ryan transitioned from being a full-time marine into an HR professional in early 2003. Outside of H|BC, Ryan also founded Veterans in Business, a group of veteran business professionals looking to network with other veterans, and support veteran causes in the DFW community.

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