Veteran Nonprofit Spotlight:
Stop One Suicide

Veteran nonprofit spotlight: stop one suicide

In this quarter’s installment of our Veteran Nonprofit Spotlight, we shine a light on Stop One. Stop One’s mission is to help educate members of the community to spot signs of mental health crises in veterans and offer assistance before the crises escalate to a life threatening situation. We spoke to Program Director Charlynn Johns about the important work Stop One is performing in the Veteran community.

Describe the work your organization does and who you endeavor to help.

Stop One  is the suicide education and prevention Program of the Veterans Resource Center in Dallas. We provide training to the community at no charge. Our focus is to provide information and preventative strategies that will help people recognize when a mental health crisis is happening and intervene and engage BEFORE a suicide attempt occurs. Tragically, over 8,000 veterans die by suicide every year, making up close to 20% of all suicides in the United States. Since September 11, 2001 over 143,000 valiant men and women who served in the Armed Forces have died by their own hand.

But it is more than lives lost – it is the millions of lives impacted (those left behind). The Center for Suicide Prevention estimates that up to 135 people are affected by one suicide, which means close to 20 million Americans are dealing with unimaginable grief and loss.  For those in the veteran community, they are dealing with multiple friends and family members dying by suicide.

We focus our training on individuals on the front line of defense: caregivers, veteran service organizations, first responders and faith communities. We believe educated individuals are empowered to respond, reach out AND  stop one!

If someone asked you about your organization, what’s the one most important aspect or takeaway you’d want them to remember?

We want people to know suicide CAN be stopped, and YOU can make a difference! Statistics and data have proven if just TEN MINUTES is put between suicidal ideation and access to lethal means (firearm, medication, etc.) a person in crisis will not go on to die by suicide. Conversation, professional intervention, crisis line calls have all proven to be effective when a mental health crisis is occurring. We designed the  Stop One  website to provide quick access to information, signs to be aware of, and equip you to save a life!

What’s the single biggest ‘push’ or area of focus for your organization right now?

While on site training at the Veterans Resource Center has been temporarily suspended due to COVID-19, we are still committed to equipping the community in suicide prevention. Companies, civic groups neighborhoods can host a virtual training at their convenience. We have posted two of our most popular trainings ( Talk Saves Lives  from American Foundation for Suicide Prevention) and ASK+? (  Ask About Suicide to Save a Life  from Texas Suicide Prevention Council) on our website along with an easy description of all trainings available.  BE INFORMED! Note the Crisis Line in your telephone (800-273-8255) note the Disaster Distress Helpline in your phone (800-985-5990) and don’t be afraid to use it.

What’s the biggest single need your organization has right now?

Help us change the statistic!

Go to the website, find out more information, download the PDF that shows the signs of a mental health crisis. SHARE the information, take a class. That’s more than one but to “stop one” it takes the whole community surrounding veterans to get involved.

Volunteer, Donate, or Connect With Stop One

Direct: (214) 372-8896

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