Veteran Owned Small Business Spotlight:
Veteran Tax Credits

Veteran owned small business spotlight: veteran tax credits

In the third installment of our spotlight series, we offer a change of pace from our normal feature of a local veteran non-profit organization. This month we turn our attention to an organization dedicated to helping connect veterans with employment resources that ease the transition into civilian life while assisting businesses with hiring skilled Veterans – all while helping those businesses navigate access to an often unrealized tax benefit for hiring qualified Veterans. We spoke with Founder Craig Washburn about the important work Veteran Tax Credits is engaged in.

Describe the work your organization does and who you endeavor to help.

There are over 21 million Veterans in the United States and 250,000 Veterans transitioning into the civilian workforce every year. Most face challenges in their transition that include never having written a resume or being involved in an interview. Adding to that challenge, technology has made it more difficult for job seekers to grab the attention of employers to get that all important face-to-face interview.

We also recognize that many businesses struggle to find quality talent, while competition in many industries makes retention a challenge as well. Veteran Tax Credits bridges the gap on both fronts. We help Veterans leverage the Department of Labor Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) program by giving them an electronic means to get conditionally certified for the tax credit an employer will receive if they hire them. At the same time we offer employers access to a turnkey program to source pre-certified Veteran candidates and end to end electronic processing of the WOTC tax credits once they hire our Nation’s finest.

With tax credits ranging from $1200 to $9600 per Veteran hire, hiring just one Veteran can have a significant impact on a company’s budget. Imagine if a small business hired 10 each year.

If someone asked you about your organization, what’s the one most important aspect or takeaway you’d want them to remember?

Veteran Tax Credits is a Veteran-owned company with a mission and passion to help both the Veteran and business communities. We decided to be a company of action – not platitudes, so we built Veteran Tax Credits. We hope through our platform we can make a difference and we humbly ask businesses to join us in helping our Veterans find their next career.

What’s the single biggest ‘push’ or area of focus for your organization right now?

We are in launch mode, so we are working diligently to get the word out to both Veterans and employers about what we do and how we can help. Our goal is to help educate both the Veterans and employers about this government program so more are taking advantage of it.  We know that if we can help more small and medium sized businesses hire a Veteran and get the tax credits, they will want to hire more Veterans. We want the demand to hire our Veterans so large that none of them have difficulty getting that pivotal first job.

What’s the biggest single need your organization has right now?

We need help getting the word out and we need employers to join our mission by posting jobs to our website so Veterans can find meaningful employment. Most employers either don’t know about the Worker Opportunity Tax Credit or don’t know that we offer affordable seamless processing for them. Most Veterans also don’t know that by getting pre-certified for the WOTC they have a hiring preference for open positions and can market themselves better to employers.

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