Holloway Benefit Concepts & Mineral Announcement (formerly known as ThinkHR)

Hr and compliance just got way easier.

We are very excited to announce an additional tool in our toolbelt to help clients fight the HR battles they face daily. Most of our clients are small and mid-size companies who do not have HR people on staff, and those that do, there’s only 1 or 2 HR people, and they tend to be spread pretty thin.

Hopefully, this new resource that we are adding for FREE for all of our clients can help. Within the Mineral Platform, all of the following are available:

  • Smart Employee Handbook
  • HR Compliance Library
  • Proactive To-Dos
  • Learn: Employee Training Courses
  • Job Description Library
  • Salary Compare
  • Compliance Calendar
  • HR Assessment
  • Benefits Document Creator
  • OSHA Log

…and so much more!

Check out their comprehensive overview brochure for more information.

All of our H|BC business partners who are interested will have real-time access to all of the above, and you will have access to Mineral Experts as well.

What is a Mineral Expert?

Whether you need guidance on a challenging workplace situation or help to decipher some complex legalese, our experienced HR advisors are here to support you. Connect through the Mineral Platform or phone for the answers you need, right when you need them.

Most of you know Farah and Megan and talk to them regularly. Please know they certainly are not going anywhere. This is just another arrow in the quiver, so to speak. Mineral will give another level of support and service to our clients, most of whom, as mentioned, do not have dedicated HR staff on their team. 

This is what we need from you: This system requires a login and needs to be set up for each of our clients, so we need to know who all wants to get set up in this initial pass. We can always add more people in the future as needed, but for the initial start, we wanted to add only the people in there who wished to access it right now.

Please let us know if you would like to be added to the system on day 1 (October 1). If not, we’ll be more than happy to add you or one of your team members into the system down the road at a later date.

Thank you all so much! We’re very excited to be able to offer this platform and all of its resources to everyone.

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