Outsourced HR and Benefits Administration

From our founder, Ryan’s days as a Marine to the years he spent on the HR and account management side of the business, the mindset and the approach for us doing business with small and mid-sized employers have always been focused on service.

Our structure and setup are with service in mind. Yes, we take the benefits creation and implementation seriously, but everyone does that. Most don’t provide the day-to-day service and administration support you get from Holloway Benefit Concepts as a value add.

Service is key to what we do, so in that vein, here are some of the many things that set us apart from most other agencies:

  • We provide day-to-day administration services for our clients at no cost as needed.
  • We can build custom enrollment websites for clients as needed.
  • We provide interested clients with complimentary access to Mineral (formerly ThinkHR). Through Mineral, clients can create and monitor handbooks, set up training modules for employees in numerous areas, and even speak to certified HR pros if there are sticky labor or employment issues.
  • We send monthly reminders to clients making sure they add or term employees in a timely fashion, so they aren’t overpaying for benefits or miss out on being able to enroll someone.
  • We provide strategic guidance on employer contribution strategies for benefits funding.
  • Develop physical or electronic employee open enrollment and new hire kits
  • Regular, consistent client engagement throughout the year


This short list shows how we spend time servicing our clients daily. If your broker isn’t helping you with the above, what are they doing for you?

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