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Get More Out of Your Group Benefits Strategy – Engage Your Employees

Whether it’s your first foray into the employee benefits landscape or just a retooling of your existing programs, ensure you make your employees a part of the process. Engage them through a survey that will allow them to provide feedback on the types of employee benefits most important to them. This downloadable, easy to follow guide will help you get started with the employee engagement process, ensuring you make your employees a part of the benefits process.

With this guide you’ll learn:

• Why employee feedback is critical to your employee benefits decision making process
• Key questions to ask in your employee survey
• Different survey resources that deliver your survey smoothly and with strong participation
• How to make sense of the employee feedback you receive

About Ryan Holloway

Ryan is the founder and president of Holloway Benefits Concepts and is a US Marine Corp Veteran. After serving over 8 years on active duty, Ryan transitioned from being a full-time marine into an HR professional in early 2003. Outside of H|BC, Ryan also founded Veterans in Business, a group of veteran business professionals looking to network with other veterans, and support veteran causes in the DFW community.

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