Tired of New Employee Onboarding Paperwork? Holloway Launches the “Ease” Platform

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New employee onboarding and HR management has always been challenging. Chasing down paperwork, reading unintelligible signatures, enrolling staff in benefits programs can take hours out of your day, not to mention make for a painful first-day experience for employees. Now add to that the pivoting to a remote workplace. At Holloway Benefit Concepts, we are excited to offer our business clients a more comfortable, faster, and secure way to process and manage their employees. We have partnered with Ease, a leader in online enrollment technology, to provide our business clients with the tools they need to quickly and efficiently get staff up and running.

Goodbye Enrollment Paperwork. Hello “Ease.”

” One of the most painful parts of employee HR management is the hours wasted in collating, auditing, scanning, and filing paperwork. Then having to educate employees, determine their program eligibility, enroll them and audit those records”, said Ryan Holloway, President of Holloway Benefit Concepts.

This new offering allows small- and medium-sized business clients the speed, convenience, and safety of moving their employee benefits enrollment online. It eliminates the back and forth of incomplete enrollment forms and allows both the employee and HR to fill out and process the electronic documents from the comfort of their homes. Both parties won’t need to coordinate busy schedules as the paperwork can be done anytime and be delivered immediately.

Collect new employee information digitally:

  • Create and send employee offer letters
  • The platform syncs with your benefits programs, so employees only have to enter their information once
  • Store completed, e-signed W-4 and I-9 forms
  • Collect direct deposit information

Healthcare Enrollment

The Ease online employee benefits process adds value to your organization by protecting employees and keeping their productivity intact. The new platform automatically generates forms and required fields from more than 5,000 healthcare insurance carriers. Pre-built plans and documents can be added and pre-populated with rates and required forms and documents. Employees will also get a unique, secure login that grants them access to their plan summaries and policy numbers 24/7.

Manage and Report Ongoing HR Activities With Ease

Manage your company with a robust suite of HR tools designed for both your convenience and your employees:

  • Allow employees to request PTO from anywhere, even on their phone
  • Customize your time-off policies
  • Conduct online employee performance reviews
  • Administer employee surveys and more

The platform integrates with top tier payroll providers so you can keep benefit deduction and demographic information in sync. You can also manage ACA to ensure coverage offered meets government guidelines, send required notifications, and generate IRS forms for an additional cost.

Relax. Holloway has You Covered.

Increase employee engagement. Decrease HR paperwork. Create a fantastic first-day experience.

We love this program and are so confident in the value it provides our clients that we license it at a discounted price to allow our clients to get it at the best possible value to them. Current customers can take advantage of a 50% discount on implementing and licensing their Ease online enrollment system.

Contact us today for more information on how we can get you started with Ease.


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